Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Roadside Nashville Tip!

Friday night finds us happy, exhausted, and owing a couple of blogs from the National Preservation Conference. We have a ton of thanks to send out and photos to share, but will save those great stories for later this weekend.

Before we start our weekend catch-up, here's a quick post about an event that's going on in Nashville tomorrow.

Susie Campion, a member of Belmont-Hillsboro Neighbors, stopped by our booth to let us know about the BHN's Annual Tour of Homes. After listening to Susie's story and reading through the tour guide, we wish we could stay on for one more day!

If you do find yourself in the lucky position of spending a Saturday in Nashville, we recommend a fun day touring Belmont-Hillsboro's historic homes. The eleven homes on the tour range from Belmont Mansion, a circa 1850 home featuring Tennessee marble mantels and original gasoliers to a 1925 Four-Square with a beautiful front porch supported by period stone columns. The tour runs from 11-5 and is just $10.00. Proceeds raised from the tour will be dedicated to a variety of projects including a tree planting to restore the neighborhood's canopy and a gift for continuing restoration of Belmont Mansion.

Instead of heading back to Oregon tomorrow, we'll be on the road to Cave City, Kentucky (thanks to some very enthusiastic and persuasive Kentuckians!), but wish Susie and the rest of the Belmont-Hillsboro volunteers the best of luck.

We'll be back on the blog by Sunday with highlights and photos from the conference along with photos from our detour to Cave City - Wigwam Village, here we come! Starting Monday, we'll kick off a photo tour of the Southwest as we head back to Portland.

Jeff & Kelly
Vintage Roadside


Citroendork said...

Cave City Can't wait!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Cave City! I am SO excited! I hope that there is a wigwam vacancy for you kids. Oh, and if you stay there, be sure and build a bonfire out front. It's lovely.

Vintage Roadside said...

Austin - It was even better than we had hoped for!

Eartha - You & the Mr. had us hooked with your Cave City tales! We didn't have the chance to stay the night but spent a few hours exploring town. We were thinking the Kitsch's and the Roadside's need to split a time-share there :-)