Friday, July 13, 2012

Jake the Alligator Man - 2012 Limited Edition T-shirt

Ever been to a birthday party for a real alligator man? Each year a hard-working group of folks in Long Beach, Washington throws an amazing birthday party for everyone's favorite "Half Man - Half Alligator" - Jake. Jake is well-known in the world of roadside attractions, but if you've yet to make his acquaintance you can visit him daily at Marsh's Free Museum - one of our all-time favorite places to spend some time. (Our tip - look for the two-headed calf!)

The man of the hour.

This year Jake's annual Bachelor Party will be Friday, August 3rd followed by an all-ages celebration on Saturday, August 4th. There'll be a car show, live music and the always hard-fought battle to become Jake's Bride for the upcoming year! You can find more party info at Jake's birthday website here.

Mrs. Roadside with the 2011 Bride & Bridesmaid of Jake.

It's been our absolute pleasure the past few years to design the limited edition Jake t-shirt for the party and without further ado offer up this year's design. The theme for the party this year is "Under the Sea" and we decided it was time for Jake to don a little nautical attire. Ahoy Jake!

Alligator Man overboard!

See you at the beach!

Jeff & Kelly
Vintage Roadside