Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vintage Roadside to debut all-new presentation at Modernism Week 2012!

We've got exciting news to share here at Vintage Roadside - we'll be giving an official Modernism Week 2012 presentation on February 24th, 2012! We're debuting an all-new presentation called "Mid-Century Mermaids: A History" in which we share the stories and people behind a true 1960s phenomenon - the Live Mermaid show. Tickets are now available here!

Oh, did we mention that we'll have a live mermaid performing in the Ace Hotel pool? That's right, the world famous Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid will be joining us for our presentation with a one-of-a-kind performance in the hotel pool - a true Modernism Week first! So, for all of you who wished you could make it to Florida to see Marina we proudly present the opportunity to see her in the desert for the first time ever.

Some of what you'll see in our all-new presentation includes vintage home movies from defunct mermaid attractions, archival photos from numerous sources not seen in decades, first-hand accounts from several former mermaids & performers, a selection of vintage mermaid tails, swimsuits and costumes (many of which were assumed to have been lost), a selection of current mermaid tails, and much more!

We'll also take you back to the days of the assorted aquatic shows that paved the way for the mermaid attraction of the 1960s. We've got Aquacades, Aqua Spectaculars, Aqua Follies, Aqua Frolics, stories of a famous movie star swimming around without his suit, and more.

We'll cover the 1950s which saw the heyday of the Porthole Lounge in some of the swankiest hotels in the country. Places like the Wreck Lounge, the Mermaid Room, the Jules Verne Room, Davy Jones Locker & more. 

The 1960s were the high point of the mermaid attraction. We'll highlight Weeki Wachee in Florida, Aquarama in Missouri, Aquarena Springs in Texas as well as places like Marineland and even Disneyland which featured mermaids to bring in the guests. And for those looking for a little adult history we'll let you in on the secret of which hotel featured topless midnight mermaid performances.

Before moving outside for our live mermaid performance we'll wrap things up with a list of places you can still catch a mermaid show such as a 1960s motor lodge in Montana.

We've been working for years to put all this together and can't wait to share what we've discovered...looking forward to seeing you in Palm Springs!

Don't forget to pick up your tickets here.

You can also learn more by clicking the "Events" tab at our Facebook page here

Jeff & Kelly


Tina said...

Wow, double wowzers! This looks awesome--have fun at the event and Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Tina + Chris Pfeiffer
forrestina vintage

London Accountant said...

Mermaids were the love of my childhood life - modernism the love of my adult life. What a perfect combination!

Cheoy Lee said...

Beautiful, what gorgeous ladies and what a great event!