Sunday, June 7, 2009

Need a place to park your travel trailer for the night..... circa. 1949?

We love old magazines here at Vintage Roadside. Recently we picked up a few vintage travel trailer magazines from the 1940s, and in addition to the fantastic advertisements, the articles are a wonderful read. We were thrilled to find that the September 1949 issue of Trailer Travel had not only a Route 66 trip report but also a Highway 99 report. Since we just had our own Highway 99 journey it was wonderful to read of the same route taken 60 years ago!

One of the fun services the magazine provided was a list of the newer trailer parks in several states. So, if you've ever daydreamed about living in a 1949 Spartan Royal Mansion - here's a few places you could have called home.

  • Vulcan Trailer Park. Birmingham, Alabama. "Modern Laundry, Inside Drying Room, Near Shopping Center"
  • Peek-A-Boo Auto & Trailer Park. El Cerrito, California. "On U.S. Highway 40, Modern Paved Streets, Finest in Bay Area"
  • Trailer Farm. Grand Junction, Colorado. "Artesian Water, Sheds for Shade"
  • Briny Breezes Park. Delray Beach, Florida. "Located on the Atlantic Ocean, 40 Acres, Close to Gulfstream's Famous Polo Fields"
  • Green Star Trailer Park. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. "Shade Trees, Restaurant, Bar, Dining Room, Complete Grocery and Meat Market"
  • Shady Acres Trailer Park. Danville, Georgia. "New, modern, spacious, livable. 20 acres of beautiful century old maple trees"
  • Ted's Dryv-Inn & Trailer Town. Gary, Indiana. "Tumble-type clothes dryers, Telegrams, Telephones available 24 hours a day, Special deliveries reported on P.A. system"
  • Tredwell's Lakeside Grove. Cape Cod, Massachusetts. "The Threshold of Cape Cod, Private Sandy Beach, Shuffle Boards, Store, Cabins & Cottages"
  • The Palms Court. Overton, Nevada. "Year around bass fishing - Grass and Shade - A friendly and healthy place to spend the winter - $15.00 a month"
  • Cedar Lane Trailer Park. Winston-Salem, North Carolina. "22 1/2 Acres of Large Beautiful Oaks, Tennis Courts, Children's Play House, Lounge"
  • Village Green Trailer Park. Media, Pennsylvania. "Swimming, Dancing, 100 lots, A Tree for Every Trailer"
  • Wagon Wheel Trailer Court. Amarillo, Texas. "Located on U.S. Highway 66 - All gravel grounds - close to drive in theatre - $1.00 per night - $4.50 per week"
We hope everyone had a great weekend!

Jeff & Kelly
Vintage Roadside


Tina said...

I vote for Shady Acres--all those trees sound just divine. Hope you're both doing fantastic! ;-)

Trendy Bindi's Boutique LLC said...

I wanted to let you know that we are passing along the Lovely Blog Award to you! You can stop by our blog to "pick it up"!

Vintage Roadside said...

Hi Tina! I'm going to go with the Green Star based on the grocery store, meat market & bar on the grounds:-)

Vintage Roadside said...

Trendy Bindi - Thank you!