Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vintage Roadside brakes for:

With just one week to go until we head out for our 4000+ mile Route 66 road trip we thought it would be fun to post a few photos from recent west coast road trips. While any type of neon sign, historic building, or large fiberglass statue will stop us in our tracks, we're really looking forward to meeting some of the people that work so hard to keep these icons of the roadside going for all of us to enjoy.

We'll be working to highlight these people and some of the projects they're working on. Every place has a great story and we're looking forward to sharing them.

We hope you'll enjoy what we find along the way. We also plan to post further information, including ways you can become involved with the projects after we return from the trip.

If you know of any preservation projects along Route 66 that you'd like us to visit let us know.

We'll also be stopping at just about any tourist attraction we can find. Anything we see described as a "tourist trap" automatically becomes a "must see". For us the term "tourist trap" has always been a compliment! The three of the most important parts of a road trip are:
  1. Eat - drive in or diner
  2. Sleep - mom and pop motel
  3. See stuff - the more roadside signage, the better the attraction

So, here's to road trips, neon signs, fiberglass statues, roadside attractions, drive in restaurants, historic buildings, the people who work to save these things, and preservation in progress!


66 Productions said...

Making a stop at the Southwest Museum of the American Indian in Mount Washington (Los Angeles) CA is a must! This roadside attraction and Los Angeles' oldest museum may go by the wayside if the Autry National Center has its way.

Vintage Roadside said...

66 productions - Thank you for the tip. We've added the Museum to our list of places and hope to visit on our return trip.

66 Productions said...

If you do, drop me a line in advance and I'll arrange a tour of 66 in the Lower Arroyo Seco for you, if time permits. I currently live in the wonderful Route 66 community of Glassell Park.

Vintage Roadside said...

Thank you for the kind offer! If we can fit in a visit we'll let you know beforehand. We'd love a chance to see your area.