Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Roadside and Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop team up for an exclusive design!

We're huge fans of all things roller skating here at Vintage Roadside. Rink histories, vintage skate labels, Skating Vanities, real organ music, roller skating bears, and of course roller derby. Which is why we we're thrilled to be working with the Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop in Baltimore, Maryland. BESSS was founded in January of this year by three members of the Charm City Roller Girls who realized how great it would be if you could actually try out your gear before spending your money.

So, if you're on the East Coast give them a call at (866) 443-2051, set up an appointment and they'll bring everything you could ever need to your derby event. In addition to skates, pads, socks, leg warmers, helmets, and wheels, BESSS also carries the entire line of Vintage Roadside Roller Rink t-shirts.

But, there's more! Since we're both such fans of skating history we thought it would be incredibly cool to offer a shirt with an authentic, vintage Baltimore graphic. After talking it over we chose one of Baltimore's greatest rinks - Carlin's Rink, once located at Baltimore's famous Carlin's Amusement Park. We're thrilled with the results and are proud to offer this piece of Baltimore history exclusively through the Black Eyed Susan Skate Shop.

Photo courtesy of BESSS

As you can see from the photos below BESSS offers everything you need to turn your Vintage Roadside t-shirt into a complete outfit. The super hero booty shorts go great with our Riverside Stadium shirt.

Photo courtesy of BESSS

Here they've paired our Canadarago Park shirt with this super cute polka dot flare skirt.

Photo courtesy of BESSS

If you can't wait for the next Charm City bout to get your Carlin's t-shirt you're in luck. BESSS recently launched their website and you can find all the Vintage Roadside t-shirts in the "Shwag Dept."

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