Friday, August 14, 2009

Tiki Oasis 2009 road trip day 3

Welcome to the home stretch of our road trip to Tiki Oasis. Today's leg takes us through Bakersfield and then on down to San Diego for the opening party at the Bali Hai.

Coconut Joe's was our destination in Bakersfield at 4158 California Ave. Although not a vintage location, there are plenty of great things to see inside. We also tried a sampling of both their chicken and tri-tip. Smoky, juicy, tangy, and delicious - we highly recommend Coconut Joe's for a great meal!

We were lucky to meet managing partner Jeff Salters whose enthusiasm for the restaurant and the food were definitely contagious (he's responsible for the tri-tip recipe). Jeff let us know that the owner is quite a serious tiki collector and has also stocked his banquet facility with vintage tiki artwork.

We were told numerous people have made offers for the vintage lighted Primo Beer clock. You can see why from the picture below - very cool!

Once we arrived in San Diego we met up with our friends Austin and Marci for dinner at the Turf Supper Club. The restaurant is an incredible time-capsule from the 1950s. Original wallpaper and artwork along with the circular booths create an atmosphere that is 100% authentic. Another unique feature of the Turf Supper Club is the fact that you grill your own meal. Great quality meats complemented with your choice of sauces made for a delicious dinner.

Mr. & Mrs. Roadside make a rare appearance in the photo section of the blog:-)

After dinner we headed over to the Tiki Oasis opening night party at the Bali Hai. The party was a blast with cocktails, music, Tahitian dancers, and a crowd decked out in their vintage finest. Did we mention cocktails?

The Goof high atop the Bali Hai.

We're making this post short today as we have a couple of seats reserved for us by the pool. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

Tomorrow will be a full day with vending on the patio next to a 15 foot tall tiki bar made of spray foam followed by music and entertainment in the evening. We'll continue to post photos over the weekend as time allows!


Betty L said...

Am now keeping track of your adventures via the RSS feed- got a lot of catching up to do! Was showing my husband the photo of you two so I could point on the low top black chucks, and he exclaimed, "Mrs. Roadside is your doppelganger!" - I take that as a high compliment :-)
Can I borrow the dress? ;-)

forrestina vintage said...

okay, first--love all the tikis in this report, and yes, that clock is fab. second, but not least, love Mrs. dress and handbag; vintage or inspired, it's all good.

have fun by that pool, my friends!

Vintage Roadside said...

Betty - Thanks for the great comment! Mrs. Roadside is smiling from ear to ear over your kind words. I think the dress also has magical dancing powers:-)

Tina - Thanks for taking a look! The dress was a chance find the day before we left at a little vintage shop over on Division. One of those "meant to be" things:-) It's vintage with a "Made in Hawaii" label.