Monday, March 19, 2012

Vintage Roadside Visits: Aquarama Aquamaid Ginger

We're pleased to share another one of our interviews with the former Aquarama Aquamaids. Here's our first visit with one of the performers from the final years of the show which ran from 1964 - 1973.

We hope you enjoy reading a bit of Ginger's history with the show.

Vintage Roadside:What year did you perform at the Aquarama?

Ginger: I believe I was 17 years old the year I swam at the Aquarama in 1972 (I think.)

Vintage Roadside: 1972 would have been the 9th year of the shows. Were you familiar with the Aquarama before you got the job?

Ginger: I hadn't heard of the Aquarama. We had just moved to the Lake from California the fall before though.

Vintage Roadside: Did you have any type of performance experience which helped you land the job?

Ginger third from left. (Photo courtesy of Nancy)

Ginger: I had no experience but could swim and we all had to try out for the part. Not sure how the girls were picked out, but was glad I got to be one of them!

Vintage Roadside: Did you have a favorite routine in the show?

Ginger: My favorite routine was the leopard routine with the bunnies. I drank a soda under the water so was at center stage. I would have people say they didn't believe I did it - I'd tell them to come to the show and see!

Vintage Roadside: Do you remember any of the other routines?

Ginger: I remember the acts - I dreamed about them for years. Such a feeling of freedom, like flying!

Vintage Roadside: You have to admit it was a pretty special job. Looking back how does it feel to know you had what many people would consider a "dream" job?

Ginger: Yes, I did have a great summer. I worked as a life guard by day and a mermaid by night. Talk about a Water Dog - although the tan marks got me into some trouble with my night job.

Ginger (in center) drinking soda. (Photo courtesy of Nancy)

Vintage Roadside: Before we let you go we've found everyone that performed has at least one funny story from the Aquarama. Do you have one you can share?

Ginger: Here's one. Where we changed clothes was over the pool on a scaffolding and sometimes it wasn't easy putting on the costume for the second show because it was still wet (and tight.) One night, one of the girls was trying to put on her costume for the second show and fell into the pool - not all the way into her costume! The rest of us were trying to pull her out of the pool before the lights came on. Just as we got her pulled up Mr. W. wanted to know what that was. Apparently part of her body was still in the water! We did get in trouble for cutting up and I'm sure they thought we were cutting up then.

Vintage Roadside: Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your history with us Ginger!

Ginger: You're welcome.

As always, if you've got any Aquarama info or stories we'd love to hear from you here in the comment section!

Jeff & Kelly
Vintage Roadside