Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vintage Roadside says goodbye to Tulsa!

We had a fantastic time at the National Trust for Historic Preservation annual conference in Tulsa and wanted to say thank you to a few of the people who made it such a great week...we promise to include a few photos of Tulsa, too!

First and foremost we'd like to thank Susan Neumann--a smart, organized, encouraging sort of person with a great sense of humor. We couldn't ask for a better person at the Trust to work with. Nord, thank you for allowing us to spread the word about Vintage Roadside and the National Trust for Historic Preservation on Good Day Tulsa. Kelly now knows where her hands should be if she wants to appear relaxed on TV! And for helping us through our first-ever panel--thanks, Dolores. Charlotte and Farin--after meeting you two it's easy to see why the Exhibit Hall was such a success. We can't wait for Nashville! And another thank you to James for coming by and listening to the story of how Preservation Magazine started us down the road to Vintage Roadside. David Brown, thank you for stopping by - it was great to meet you after hearing so many nice things about you.

To everyone who came by our booth and to our panel - meeting so many of you made this event one we'll never forget. We really appreciate the opportunity we had to talk with you all. It was wonderful to hear about the work each of you do and we look forward to hearing more about your projects.

To our booth neighbor, Ed: "Go Buffalo!"

A couple more people we'd like to thank are Ron Warnick of Route 66 News and Stacey Bayles of A1A Eastern Oklahoma. Ron, it was a pleasure to finally meet you. And Stacey, thank you for kindly providing us with a copy of Tulsa's Art DecoGuide - an invaluable guide to Tulsa's beautiful art deco buildings published by the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. You'll see we put it to good use in the photos below.

Although we'd never been to Tulsa before, we're looking forward to the next chance to go back. From the work of Tulsa's Main Street Program to the lasagna at Dalesandro's, Tulsa is definitely a place worth visiting again.

Finally, a few images from around Tulsa to give you a glimpse of the city's great architecture.

The beautiful neon sign at Cain's Ballroom.

Vintage Roadside's booth at the conference.

The Boston Avenue Church.

Another look at the Boston Avenue Church.

Phoenix Cleaners. One of the many streamline gems around town.

"Cottage" style Phillips 66 station.

Tulsa Union Depot.

Will Rogers High School.

Downtown Deco detail.

More downtown Deco.

The Mayo Motor Inn parking structure. One of our favorite streamline buildings downtown.

No visit to Tulsa is complete without a drive out to Catoosa
to see the Blue Whale :-)

For those following along on our road trip home to Portland, we're headed to Dodge City, Kansas before hooking a left to Pueblo, Colorado. Westward, ho!


Shane Hood said...

next time you come through Tulsa let me know, i will show you all the great Mid-Century Modern architecture we have in Tulsa.

-shane hood

Vintage Roadside said...

Shane - It was great to meet you. We'd love the chance to have you show us the town next time!