Thursday, October 9, 2008

Final planning underway for Route 66

The planning, packing, and research for our Route 66 trip has reached a fever pitch here at Vintage Roadside. We're counting the hours until we're zipping down the road.

We thought you might enjoy taking a look at what early Route 66 travelers were greeted with along Central Avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What an amazing collection of neon, businesses, and architecture!

We wanted to say thank you to The National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program, the National Scenic Byways Program, State Historic Preservation offices, various Route 66 associations, and numerous local historians and preservationists for their valuable assistance in our planning.

See you along the road!

Jeff & Kelly


Allan said...

My wife and I and a few friends are in the planning stages of taking a trip on Route 66 next May or June. We belong to a PT Cruiser club in Portland, Oregon. We plan on going to Chacigo to start. Any places along the Route that someone might suggest that we should stop and would be great info. Also about places to stay or is that a hit and miss and what should we look for? My e-mail is Thank you so much. Allan

66 Productions said...

I highly recommend checking out and getting at LEAST one of those books. I also recommend checking out the Route 66 "egroup" on Yahoogroups. And I would also recommend a visit with Dave Clark in Chicago before you get out on the road.

Best of luck. Happy travels.

Vintage Roadside said...

Allen - That sounds like a great trip. Since we're also in Portland we'd be happy to get together sometime after we're back and share any tips or highlights with you. I'll send you an email after we're back from the trip.

Vintage Roadside said...

66 productions - Great tips! We've been going over the guidebooks you mention and they're invaluable. The newsgroups are also a great resource.