Monday, April 28, 2008

Vintage Roadside hits the links for a round of pirate-themed putt-putt golf

Last Friday evening we realized it was time to fit in some recreation. We love bowling and rollerskating, but were in the mood for something new, something unique...with pirates, and special effects, and glow in the dark monsters! Too much to ask for, right? That's when we discovered that downtown Portland is home to an indoor miniature golf course. Not just any miniature golf course, but one chock full of pirates, painted entirely with ultraviolet paints and bathed in black light. Needless to say this caught our attention and a tee time of 8:30 pm was arranged.

Once you arrive there's no mistake you're at the right place. A pirate statue greets you outside the door and points you towards the stairway heading down below the Hilton Tower.

Once downstairs we were amazed at the quality of the painting and lighting. The ultraviolet painting was done extremely well and the black light really brought out the 3-D effects. There are also a few motion activated effects that make the experience even better. (Caged, angry monsters anyone?)

As for the course itself, we would have enjoyed a little more challenge to the holes. The majority of the course is flat with no real "gimmick" holes. Our round of 18 went by fairly quickly due to this, but we still had a great time. We'd recommend going just to experience the fantastic artwork. Perhaps over time they'll add a little more difficulty to the course, but anyone who opens a pirate-themed-ultraviolet-blacklight miniature golf course gets a tip of the hat from us here at Vintage Roadside!

Glowing Greens can be found in downtown Portland at the corner of 5th & SW Taylor. They can be reached at (503) 222-5554

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