Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Casper's Alligator & Ostrich Farm

We've had quite a few requests for our sold-out Casper's Alligator Farm t-shirt so we decided to reprint it just in time for the holidays. And, to add a new twist, we've decided to print it up on a one-time only Moss Green shirt. We just picked them up from our screenprinter and they turned out amazing.

You can pick one up for yourself or the roadside attraction lover in your life over on our website here.

Here's to alligators,

Jeff & Kelly


Wild Florida Airboats said...

Great shirt design

Jamie said...

I grew up in North St. John's County Florida and remember Casper's. I also remember seeing the ruins of all the roadside attraction buildings in the late 1970's before the area took off in a building frenzy. I think that the site of Casper's is now under the County government Center building built in the mid 1990's.