Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vintage Airstream and Trailer Show - Modernism Week 2010

We were excited to be asked to be a part of Modernism Week's first-ever Vintage Airstream and Trailer show held at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. And while we were there as vendors, we did manage to sneak out of our booth for a few photos. Here's a little of what we saw out there.

The shot of the Ace Hotel below is intended to be used as photographic proof that there are places where the sun is actually visible to the naked eye in the month of February. We also wanted to say thank you to the staff of the Ace - we had a wonderful stay and everyone we worked with went above and beyond. Thanks again for everything!

We were pleased to have the opportunity to spend some time over the weekend talking with John and Steven from Funky Junk Farms. They have an amazing collection of just about everything we love (old signs, vintage cars, vintage appliances, etc.) and one of the finest collections of vintage travel trailers out there. Below is John's 1948 Westcraft.

A perfect 1952 Silver Streak owned by Better Shelter.

The Ace provided a great setting for this vintage Airstream.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting John from Scoot Palm Springs. We had noticed people zipping around town on scooters and thought that seemed like the perfect way to see the area. John's company rents scooters for half days, full days, and weekends. You can pick your scooter up at the Ace Hotel or for an additional charge they'll even bring them to you.

In addition to friendly scooter rentals, John possesses mad modeling skills. Below you'll see John in our Chi Chi t-shirt. (Thanks, John!)

A detail shot of Steven of Funky Junk Farm's 1954 Spartan Royal Manor.

Here's the Spartan Royal Manor in all its glory.

We had a fantastic time and want to say thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth to pick up t-shirts, say hello, and offer tips on things to see in the area. We're already counting the days until Modernism Week 2011!

Jeff & Kelly
Vintage Roadside


Gunnar and Sherry said...

Love those Airstreams!

Vintage Roadside said...

Gunnar and Sherry - Good to see you guys! Glad you enjoyed the post.

Roadtripper said...

It's so great to know that someone has preserved these treasures of the RV past. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

Vintage Roadside said...

roadtripper - It really is wonderful to see these pieces of history restored and enjoyed! Glad you enjoyed the photos and thanks for taking a look.

Republic Monetary Exchange said...

Wow, that 1952 Silver Streak is gorgeous! It brought back so many memories of family trips to Yellowstone. Those were beautiful shots - thanks for the trip down memory lane.