Thursday, May 15, 2008

The A&W Baby Burger

This week we thought we'd share a piece of our dining ephemera. Raise your hand if you remember getting A&W hamburgers in the shiny foil bags. I remember these being almost as cool as the frosty mugs of root beer. My childhood memories of these 4 different bags has led me to conclude that without a doubt these bags magically improved the taste of the hamburgers. A couple of the ways this worked (in my mind anyway:-) is that the foil bags kept the burger warm, unlike today's paper wraps. They also were leak proof so you ended up with a nice puddle of sauce and toppings in the bag which would "waft" up at you as you took each bite. Ok, those are just wild guesses, but hey, they sure were great bags and hamburgers!

A&W used the silver foil for the Baby Burger, the Teen Burger, and the Mama Burger. If you were ready to tackle the Papa Burger you were worthy of the gold bag.

So, thank you A&W for the memories of "graduating" from the Baby Burger to the Teen Burger, for having the lighted menu boards in the car service area where one of the highlights was flipping the switch for a tray pickup - and for those meals where we decided to eat inside - the menu board with the white phone to place your order.

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A&W fan said...

Does anyone know what the red sauce was on the burgers? Is it something you can get today?