Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Big Bear Lake to base of Tejon Pass

Leaving Big Bear Lake for the wedding in Lake Arrowhead we stopped to look at this great cabin sign. It was nicely animated with smoke coming from the chimney.

Frank & Lisa's wedding in Lake Arrowhead - congratulations Frank & Lisa! It was a lovely wedding along the shore of Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead was home to the much-loved Santa's Village. Looking at vintage photos and postcards you can see this was quite the attraction. A majority of the signs and smaller items have found their way into the local community. What remains are the buildings and the Bumble Bee monorail slowly sinking back into the forest. The grounds appear to be currently used as a storage area for logging equipment.

I-15 north to Hwy 138 - didn't see much as we were passing through late at night.

Palmdale to Gorman via Hwy 138 - A lonely, straight shot at 1:00 am.

North to northern end of Tejon Pass via I-5 - Yeeeeeehawwww! Down the grapevine at 2:00 am. If you're blowing by every other car on the road you're going really, really fast. Luckily there are convenient runaway truck ramps off to the side. We hit the bottom of the grapevine at around 2:30 am and lucked out by getting the last motel room.

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